The in-house research lab is a true miniature factory, a pilot facility where every process, every piece of machinery is perfectly reproduced to scale.
A catalyst of ideas, where everything begins: a place in which to explore the material, testing its expressive qualities, developing new dimensions, condensing conceptual study and experimentation with forms, structures and aesthetics.


Thanks to remarkable investments in R&D and the search for new stylistic and productive trends, Mineral Expertise can constantly offer the market new stimuli and new design ideas. This true research laboratory, with a fully dedicated team of 3 engineers, at the heart of our innovation philosophy, with the development and use of innovative technologies that disrupt the codes of the mineral and expand the possibilities of its application (® “Eco-Mineral-Glass and ® “Eco-Mineral-Process” both under patent process).


This marble on glass process allows the natural daylight to illuminate the interior and the evening artificial lighting to glow outside emitting a warm, amber glow, while allowing panoramic views. This process offers a range of aesthetical solutions, such as different styles of face caps from horizontal to vertical lining, to a more minimalistic look using structural glazing or clamping technologies.
This marble on glass curtain walling also offers tailored solutions for those projects that require a specific architectural design for their facade. This process has been developed in association with AGC group (world’s leading producer of plate glass).
Our process of marble on structural glass offers architects the possibility to work panels of large dimension in fine thickness that can be integrated directly into curtain facades, by seeking to develop the lightness and transparency of this material (patented process).
The two main assets of the ®Eco-Mineral-Glass process consists of emphasizing the transparency properties of the marble and allowing a facade uniformity on the cladding.


MINERAL EXPERTISE received an ATEx certification for our Honeycomb Fire Resistant cladding method that can also be used in seismic areas.
A process allowing to install panels in public access buildings (PAB) and on buildings over 28 meters high in France.
Used for the facades of the Maybourne Riviera Hotel.

We developed a Honeycomb FR (Fire Resistant) cladding method on metal frames presenting an adaptability to seismic zones, and versatility with the option for horizontal installation on ceilings. This certification from the French Center of Science and Construction Technique (CSTB) is the comprehensive solution for sustainable and secure projects.
This process allowing to install panels in public access buildings (PAB) and on buildings over 28 meters high in France was used for the facades of the Maybourne Riviera Hotel.
Our Honeycomb FR cladding method is now approved for suspended ceilings in seismic areas.
In July 2023, Mineral Expertise received an official certification for our HONEYCOMB FR cladding method on metal frames (ATEx_3040_V1_HONEYCOMB_FR) from the Center of Science and Construction Technique (CSTB).

Our Italian manufacturing unit Laboratorio Aldo Pesetti Srl. has also received a QB15 certification for the production and transformation of all our cladding products.


We are keeping on working on research into illumination techniques applied to the translucent properties of marble, such as Optic-fiber lightening & LED dynamic lightening techniques.

Backlit marble with a new generation of optic-fiber lighting process, dimmable, being energy sufficient and offering endless life, is the right technology streamlining your backlighting system development.

No need to remove marble panels anymore.


This completely new process allows us to realize the most complex shapes within a target of prices while saving on materials.
This technique is inspired by the Renaissance «commesso», widely used for centuries, but applied to our time thanks to algorithms, artificial intelligence and the power of our new drawing softwares (patented process).


The Stone Sticks are the result of a declination of our Eco-Mineral-Process applied to architectural use.
MINERAL EXPERTISE designed a cladding as light as possible for the facades of the University of Chicago in Paris designed by the internationally recognized architecture firm Studio Gang – USA. It represents an installation of 4 km of stone sticks made of limestone up to 8 meters high.
In alignment with the ambitious environmental standards of the City of Paris and SEMAPA, the design minimizes carbon footprint while optimizing energy performance. Its combination of active and passive strategies includes the use of locally-sourced and sustainably-harvested materials.
As such, MINERAL EXPERTISE proposed of a new strong process meeting the constraints of the project (mechanical performance / lightening of the structure).


This new resistant process allows a lightening of the supporting structures and provides a more relevant solution than with a steel reinforcement by offering more flexibility and resistance to wind and other constraints related to buildings.


By post-tensioning the stone, prefabricated panels can be made which eliminate either the secondary steelwork and subsequent site operations or avoid the need for pre-cast concrete panels.