Quarried in Iran, Onyx Artic Blue features a predominantly light blue background that can vary in intensity, ranging from pale blue to a more vibrant aqua shade. Its most distinctive feature is the darker wavy patterns that flow across the surface, creating an intricate and captivating visual effect. These wavy patterns can vary in thickness and intensity, giving each slab a one-of-a-kind appearance.
Depending on the specific block and quarry, Onyx Artic Blue may also exhibit hints of other colors, such as white or gray veining and occasional translucent areas.
One of the remarkable qualities of Onyx Artic Blue is its translucency. When backlit with proper lighting, it becomes semi-translucent or even transparent, allowing light to pass through. This property enhances its visual appeal and makes it an excellent choice for backlit applications, creating a captivating and luminous effect.


The onyx being a natural product, these samples are average which are liable to vary. We will always endeavor to maintain consistency, at least as close as possible, but resemblance cannot be guaranteed.


Sample dimensions : L 20 cm x l 10 cm x W 2 cm – 8’’ x 4’’ x ¾’’





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